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World Class Filtration Solutions

Retrofit and Special Design Filter Elements

Porvair Filtration Group has the ability to design and manufacture elements to meet specific, single needs that fall outside the capabilities of industry standard filter elements.

Where the filter is the last safe barrier between the process and the life environment, structural integrity and reliability is paramount in both the validation and the ethical acceptability of the designed equipment.

Manufactured in a range of metallic filter media, or from non-metallic media such as glass fibre and polymer, Porvair can meet any need in virtually any size to meet almost any nuclear filtration application; whether as a retrofit or to meet a challenging footprint, for both challenging liquid and gas environments.

As unrivalled experts of engineering solutions for nuclear filtration, Porvair can meet nuclear applications with confidence and quality, relying on decades of experience and the successful provision of special solutions to the worldwide nuclear industry.

Nuclear Elements Porvair
Septa Nuclear Porvair
Nuclear Breather Porvair

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