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Fluorofil™ Junior Filters for Small Scale Applications

Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges are manufactured using a highly hydrophobic ePTFE membrane and are designed for retrofitting into existing Junior-style housings. The enhanced ePTFE membrane offers exceptionally high gas flow rates at low pressure differentials.

The Junior range are available in two formats: J-style, a single open-ended element with a single internal o-ring seal on the downstream end cap and S-style, a single open-ended element incorporating an integral flange on the downstream end cap.

Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges are recommended for small-scale sterile gas filtration and venting applications. The hydrophobic characteristics of the ePTFE membrane makes the Fluorofil™ Junior filter cartridge particularly suitable for wet gas sterilising applications, such as small-scale fermenter air feed.

For small-scale solvent and aggressive chemical filtration applications, Fluorofil™ Junior cartridges offer a wide range of chemical compatibility with high thermal stability. Suitable for the most demanding microfiltration applications, the cartridges can be used for the small-scale filtration of aggressive chemical solutions including acids, alkalis, solvents and etchants.

Fluorofil™ Juniors can be used in scale-up bench-top experiments and pilot plant evaluations to confirm suitability in new process applications.

Cartridge Filters Porvair
Cartridge Filters Porvair
Cartridge Filters Porvair

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