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Vyon® Sintered Porous Plastics

Our Vyon® sintered porous plastic materials offer excellent chemical compatibility, exceptional strength and are resistant to most acids, bases, many organic chemicals and temperatures up to 110ºC (230ºF).

Produced in both sintered porous polyethylene and polypropylene, materials are available in:

  • Roll
  • Sheet
  • Cut shapes
  • Cones
  • Moulded formats.

Typical applications

  • Applicators (make-up, ink, fragrance, cleaning products)
  • Domestic water filters
  • Noise supression (pump dampeners)
  • Activated carbon filters
  • Chemical filters
  • Air and dust filters
  • Fluidisation and aeration of bulk solids including foodstuff (flour, sugar, grains) or industrial chemicals (polymers, cement, paints)
  • Battery vents
  • Pneumatic silencers
  • Water and effluent aeration (sand filtration bed support and underdrain aeration / diffusion
  • Fragrance eminators
  • Gas sensor protection
  • Fisheries / fish farms (water oxygenation)
  • Metal electroplating (chemical mixing)
  • Vacuum platens and cones
  • Vacuum hold down table covers / air vice/ sacrificial cutting surfaces

Features and benefits

  • Strong lightweight and self-supporting
    A versatile material that can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Narrow controlled pore size distribution
    A very efficient and effective filtration material.
  • High and even porosity
    Low pressure drop and even flow.
  • Chemically inert
    Resistant to many chemicals making it suitable for many applications.

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