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Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Climate change is, currently, one of the most pressing environmental challenges. World leaders agree the need to prevent global warming exceeding 1.5°C by 2100. Achieving this requires a Net Zero approach to carbon dioxide release, which demands rapid and unprecedented actions across the economy, including technology innovation.
Innovations, such as hydrogen and sustainable biofuels, increasingly serve towards achieving a more sustainable energy economy for global decarbonisation by the energy and transportation sector.

Porvair Filtration Group supplies a comprehensive range of filtration and separation products to the energy and transportation market and is continuously adapting its range to cover a wide portfolio of sustainable processes and technologies.
We supply a comprehensive range of filter media, assemblies, and filter elements for use in the sustainable fuels synthesis and hydrogen industries.

Applications include:

  • Sustainable aviation fuel synthesis
  • Sustainable land and sea transport fuels
  • Green hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen distribution and storage
  • Control systems for hydrogen-powered technologies

Effective filtration and material compatibility is vital to ensure that all systems are free from contaminants. High performance is essential to meet and exceed expectations, guaranteeing safety, long service life, reliability, and cost effectiveness in the most demanding of situations.

Our unrivalled experience and extensive materials range ensures that we can supply a fully engineered solution for manufacturing, storage, distribution and control applications.
Filter media, assemblies and filter elements are custom designed to meet the systems specifications and can be adapted for many feedstock conversions, fuel synthesis fuel purity applications.

Core Competencies

  • Material selection and manufacturing

Our experience in separation and filtration materials, fluid/gas dynamics and manufacturing ensures fit-for purpose materials and fabricated products.

  • Design and engineering

Our strength in design, engineering and prototyping enables us to provide the optimum bespoke solution to any application.

  • Project management

Our understanding of your regulatory requirements, deliverables and timescales means your product will meet market demand, placing you ahead of the competition.

  • Quality and reliability

Our high expectation for quality, coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement, ensures that our raw materials are carefully selected, and our manufacturing processes are optimally controlled to cGMP standards.

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