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Sinterflo® F Sintered Metal Fibre

Manufactured from randomly laid metal fibres, sinter-bonded to form a uniform high porosity filter medium, Sinterflo® F demonstrates a significantly low pressure drop, high permeability and excellent dirt holding capacity.

With the feasibility to formulate metal fibres to meet specific application requirements, combined with inherent durability, sintered metal fibre filters can be cleaned in situ without interrupting process flow thereby providing the ultimate in process economics by reducing downtime to a minimum.

Typical applications

  • Catalyst recovery and retention
  • Gasification
  • Chemical production
  • Vent filters
  • Agrochemical applications
  • Liquid ammonia
  • Liquid and gaseous ammonia
  • Pharmaceutical powder recovery
  • Steam filtration
    • Culinary steam
    • Process steam.

Features and benefits

  • Resistant to high temperatures and corrosive environments
    Suitable for aggressive air and liquid filtration applications.
  • Can be cleaned in situ
    Reduces downtime to a minimum providing excellent process economics.
  • Pleatable structure
    Offers higher surface area with excellent dirt holding capacity for longer on-stream life.
  • High void volume
    Provides high permeability combined with low pressure drop.
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Sinterflo Media Porvair

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