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Semiconductor Manufacture

Point-of-Use (POU) filters are manufactured in a state of the art Cleanroom using an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System. The filters are precision welded with atmosphere purification. A deionized water flush, followed by a high pressure, filtered nitrogen flush removes particles and reduces particle shedding.

Our POU filters are vacuum dried as needed and the organics are less than 10ppb THC. Particle free, chemically clean, organic free handling and bagging of the POU filters maximizes the out of-package cleanliness for installation in the most demanding microelectronics applications. Exceeding the high purity gas handling filtration requirements for semiconductor processing, Porvair's high quality products are extensively tested to ensure that they meet the critical filtration efficiency, precise flow control and safety requirements for gas delivery systems in semiconductor manufacturing.


  • Wafer production
  • Microelectronics for computers, tablets, cell phones, IoT sensors and control devices
  • Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • Data storage devices.

Features and benefits

  • 100% leak checked for safety
    To prevent exposure to flammable, corrosive, toxic and pyrophoric process gases, the filter housings are 100% Helium leak checked to greater than 1x10-9 atm scc/second.
  • Corrosion resistance
    Electro polished to a a defined surface finish to prevent corrosion. The wetted surfaces are electro polished to enhance the Chrome to Iron ratio on the surface layer, so the occurrence of corrosion generated particles is minimized.
  • Particle free manufacturing
    Extensive cleaning and flushing with deionized water and high pressure nitrogen in a Class 100 Cleanroom eliminates particles.
  • Extremely fine filtration media
    Filter efficiency rated at 9 LRV for 0.003μm particles per SEMI F38 and ISO 12500 test methods, will remove any corrosion-generated particles and particles generated from moving parts such as pressure regulators, valves and MFCs used in the gas delivery systems.
  • Mechanical strength
    GasPro™ filter media is tested to insure superior service in manufacturing processes and for tools that often utilize high gas pressure and more rugged service environments.
  • Exceeds standards
    Porvair Filtration Group meets industry standards set by organizations such as the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International and is a SEMI Corporate Member.

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