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Porvair Filtration Group is actively involved in virtually every step of the fuel production process including uranium concentrate and spent fuel reprocessing, the production of uranium and plutonium oxides, the treatment of off-gases and the protection of HEPA banks. Our innovative products are also used in venting of fluidised bed processes, powder transport and collection, glove box venting and sintering furnace off-gas purification. We offer innovative, engineers and optimised solutions to meet almost any arduous filtration problem where reliability, efficiency and quality are paramount.

Porvair Filtration Group can supply everything from single, special filter elements for retrofit applications to complete self cleaning, removable (for cleaning) and disposable filter systems in a range of polymeric (and glass fibre) and metallic filter media including 316L stainless steel, high nickel alloys, Monel® and FeCrAlloy.

In every aspect of the nuclear fuel production process, the company has engineered solutions to some of the most difficult separation problems. Our Pulsed Jet self cleaning gas filtration systems are used across the industry in the UK, USA and Europe, in both uranium oxide and plutonium/uranium oxide (MOX) fuel processes, including:

  • Pre and post enrichment, including fluorination and defluorination
  • Uranium oxide powder recovery
  • Plutonium oxide powder recovery
  • Pellet finishing grinding dust removal and recovery
  • Process glove box venting
  • High temperature fuel process, including hydrogen fluoride (HF) service
  • Sintering furnace off-gas
  • Plutonium and uranium powder storage vents
  • Spent fuel dry store processing and vent filters
  • Uranyl nitrate to trioxide conversion systems
  • Reprocessing filter systems.
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