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Porous Media and OEM Materials

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Flame Arrestors

Our sintered porous materials offer excellent properties for flame arrestors in a wide variety of materials from sintered mesh, powder and polymeric in precisely controlled pore sizes and porosity. Sintered materials offer design flexibility and high strength required for extreme environments.

Sintered porous materials also provide a cost effective solution for high volume applications offering design flexibility with engineering support using specific sintered porous materials suited to each application.

We can provide density, pore size, permeability and joining integrity data for each unique application as per Atex, device manufactures use this data as part of agency approvals.


  • Standard bushings, cups, disc and cylindrical shapes
  • Moulded porous materials sinterbonded directly to hardware
  • Sinterbonding, offers joint integrity with design flexibility without the need for welding
  • Complex shapes offering threads, hardware, multi-level designs.


  • Flame arresting
  • Sensor protection
  • Medical oxygen arrestors
  • Gas analysers and monitors
  • Explosion proof enclosures
  • Gas venting protection

Features and benefits

  • Excellent flame-arresting properties due to tortuous path within the sintered porous materials
  • For sound systems such as loudspeakers, the stainless steel mesh has excellent flame-arresting properties, but with reduced sound attenuation
  • Optimum flow of gases - the controlled pore size and uniform density ensure an even flow of gas to the sensor or device.
  • Inherent high strength of sintered porous materials
  • High temperatures
  • Corrosive environments
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Engineering support
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