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World Class Filtration Solutions

Wicking and Fluid Transfer

Sintered porous plastic Vyon® and BioVyon™ materials are ideal for wicking and fluid transfer applications. The media's uniform porosity enables the controlled release of a substance, such as chemicals, fragrance and drugs.

We also have the ability to enhance the material's properties and performance by chemical modification of the material surface.

Our strength in engineering design provides device platforms that give optimum separation, concentration or detection bespoke to your application.


  • Controlled release of fragrance and other chemicals
  • Fragrance emanation
  • Controlled release of chemicals for toilet flush colour and disinfectant
  • Controlled release of drugs
  • Artificial cigarettes
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Diagnostic test wicks.

Features and benefits

  • Uniform porosity enables controlled release of chemicals or vapours from chemicals
  • Tortuous pore structure with large void volume to encapsulate large volumes of chemical for emanation or controlled release
  • Robust and rigid for ease of assembly
  • Custom made
  • Effective with both organic and water-based solvents
  • Regulatory approval for in vitro applications.

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Where you can see us

WQA Convention & Exposition

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