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Textile Printing

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Porvair is the manufacturer of the products formerly branded Inprinta. 

Inkjet printing onto fabrics has been has become frequently more popular, offering the flexibility of custom design on large scale and at a low cost. Printing onto fabrics requires extremely high levels of ink cleanliness to ensure that droplet formation is precise, therefore necessitating an inkjet filter.

Textile ink colorants are dye based and their functionality is dependent on a formulation that ensures the right pH balance, so that the colorants bind effectively to the fabric fibres.

Filters used on textile printers can include multiple stage filters with prefilters inline to protect the finer membrane filters.

Our wide range of filters ensure that that there is protection from fibre release downstream of the filter and that there are no extractables leaching out that could interfere with the ink chemistry and maintain a very clean environment within the ink delivery system.

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