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Our inkjet division manufacture the following filters:

  • Last chance and In-line filters
  • Capsule filters
  • Bulk ink cartridge filters
  • Customised OEM products.

Alongside our standard range of inkjet filters, we are able to provide full technical support to OEM partners for the conception, engineering and manufacture of custom designed filtration solutions for all inkjet system architectures.

Our philosophy of building strong relationships with our partners enables us to better understand business needs and react to supply the optimum custom designed product for this challenging market sector.

Our inkjet division, Inprinta®, has extensive experience of filtration and separation in the inkjet industry; enabling the design, development and manufacture of filtration solutions to suit every application.

Our filters are used for the filtration of aqueous, UV and solvent based inks and fluids within inkjet printers, to provide consistent, reliable printing performance with maximised protection against contaminants.



Inprinta® provides full access and technical support to OEM partners in the design, engineering and manufacturing of customised filtration assemblies for all inkjet printer and printhead applications.

Inprinta® design and manufacture with a wide range of housing materials including: Polypropylene, Peek, Acetal and Stainless steel. Within the finished assemblies the scope of filter media options is cast from materials including: Polypropylene, PES, PTFE, Nylon, and Stainless Steel. Further options to offer multi-layer, sub-micron, membrane and surface modification technologies ensure ever preferred solution for inkjet can be designed. 

Our dedicated Test and Development Centre and Laboratory Services underpin our design and development activity from filtration media/material characterisation, product verification testing to customer systems simulation trials and in service performance evaluation.

Packaging has become more and more important in delivering a professional product, in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Inprinta® can offer private labelling, laser etching, tailored packaging and clear identification/traceability data to ensure the customer base receives a filter that looks as good as it performs.

By working closely with OEM partners we can offer a range of technical and commercial advantages when designing and manufacturing new filtration devices.

Where are filters used in the inkjet industry?

Filters are used within the inkjet industry for all commonly used solvents, chemicals, and aqueous fluids. They are used in a wide range of size printers for a variety of inkjet applications.

Applications include:

  • Superwide and graphic arts
    For large format printing for both indoor and outdoor signage, such as: billboards, banners, wall paper and graphic flooring.
  • Packaging and coding (CIJ)
    This includes variable data and barcoding with short print runs.
  • Ceramics printing
    For ceramics this includes floor and wall tiles.
  • Textile printing
    For the textile industry, this includes the direct and indirect printing of materials.
  • Bulk ink filtration
    For the final filtration of carrier fluid, surfactants, and stabilising chemicals during the ink manufacturing process.
  • Printhead
    To ensure ink is jetted correctly on to the media and to stop problems occurring within the system, usually at the printhead.
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