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World Class Filtration Solutions

General Industrial

Porvair Filtration Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of filtration and separation products to the industrial process industries. Our filters are in service in applications as diverse as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronics, nuclear, chemical, healthcare and food and beverage and coatings industries.

With a broad range of quality filtration products tested and guaranteed to international ASTM standards test methods, they can be safely employed to retrofit into most installations with significant cost savings.

Other applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Electronics grade chemicals
    Aggressive chemicals and solvents can now be filtered down to 0.1 micron using our all polypropylene membrane filter Chemifil™.
  • Laminates
    Architectural and automotive laminates can benefit by changing to our polypropylene filters to improve filter performance, speed-up catalytic reaction time and lower production costs.
  • Paint
    E-coats, primers, top coats, metallic and pearlite paints can all benefit from controlled filtration using our polypropylene filters. Polyfil™ filters have precise cut-off removal ratings allowing metallic and pearlite particles to pass through whilst removing unwanted agglomerates. Klearfil™ will remove gels from E-coats and primers.
  • Parts washing
    Rinsing machined components extends the life of critical machinery. Filtration of rinsing fluids such as paraffin is an essential process in parts washing.
  • Sparging
    Spargers can be used in intrusive and non-intrusive tangential pipelines for the treatment of wastewater, volatile stripping and steam injection. They can also be used in tank applications for fermentation, agitation, bioremediation, oxygen stripping, de-watering and dissolved air flotation processes used by major oil companies.
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