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Porvair is the manufacturer of the products formerly branded Inprinta. 

The basic principle of printheads has changed very little since the late 1990s. In essence a minute amount of ink, down to 10pl, is ejected out of a nozzle via a chosen process such as the flex of a crystal in Piezo technology or the heating of an element in bubble jet. However, the refinement within these technologies have been hugely significant over the same period of time. The speed, DPI, nozzle size, frequency and print-width have opened up inkjet to many new markets, as well as extending out in to existing markets. 

With these refinements we see new requirements for filtration. Recirculating printheads, which have become key in so many markets, will now require additional filtration to ensure any instability in ink formulation or environmental exposure does not have an adverse effect on the ink.

Often these filters are integrated into the printhead. Our complete range of stainless steel filters are the products of choice for printhead manufacturers. As well as a robust construction, the filter offers a range of micron ratings suited to these specific requirements.

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