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Metallic and Cleanable Filters

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Leaf Disc and Solid Plate Filters

Leaf disc and solid plate filters are designed for critical hot melt polymer filtration applications such as the manufacture of PET packaging film, PEEK chip and film. These filters are designed to achieve greater gel control by providing smoother flow and therefore greater gel retention on the filter.

In addition to offering a wide range of filter media, Porvair's leaf disc filters offer the latest design features, ensuring lower pressure drops leading to longer on stream life. The robust construction allows for many cleaning cycles, reducing whole life costs.

With our wide experience and our broad range of filter media, our application and design engineers can custom design optimum filtration products for each product and process; this includes support during the design process in order to achieve on-line performance.

Our technical laboratory services include facilities where we can characterise our media and elements' performance by the use of flow tests, porosimetry, microscopy, chemical analysis, tensile testing, metallography and the quantification of polymer contaminant with image analysis.

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