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Chemical Processing

The chemical process industry presents many manufacturing challenges due to the harsh operating environments and nature of the products being processed.

Filtration is critical for a number of reasons: ensuring that the final product meets the necessary quality specifications whilst minimising rework or wastage of product and ensuring that the process operates at maximum efficiency with low downtime and energy costs.  Supplied in preventing airborne emissions and water course discharge for the protection of the environment.

Porvair has provided innovative and performance driven filtration equipment (cartridges, systems and vessels) to the chemical process industry since the 1980s. Through the use and development of metallic filter media, we have enabled longer campaigns to be obtained and greater material recovery to be achieved.

Porvair Filtration Group is active in the areas concerning the production of nitric acid, maleic anhydride, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, polyols, magnesium nitrate as well as HDPE and LLDPE.

By using the latest in metallic filter media technology we are able to provide improved performance as well as reducing the plant operating costs.

We are able to supply a variety of filter media, including sintered metal powder (Sinterflo® P)  sintered metal fibre (Sinterflo® F), metal mesh (sinterflo® M), sintered metal mesh composite (Sinterflo® MC ) and polymeric filter media in both cartridge (depth, pleated and membrane) and element (cylindrical) forms with a variety of end hardware to suit any housing or vessel configuration. Our ability to enhance or modify the filter media ensures a specific performance criteria can be achieved for individual requirements.

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