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Growing environmental concerns mean that water is a valuable resource which needs to be managed wisely. One area of particular interest is the use of water for the growth of fresh consumable produce.

Technology has made it possible to manage our water in the most efficient way by either recycling it from other processes or by sourcing it from ever deepening wells. In both cases the water needs to be filtered to remove impurities and particulate that might affect the crop or clog the water distribution system such as drip lines and sprinkler nozzles.

Porvair Sinterflo® M metal mesh and Sinterflo® MC metal mesh composite media are used to produce a wide range of filters of different diameter, length and pore size, which can be used in irrigation assemblies. Many filters incorporate sealing collars and high strength reinforced layers for high pressure self-cleaning systems thereby keeping the water flowing and the crops growing.

These speciality irrigation filter products can also be adapted and used for the recreational and residential markets. Examples include swimming pools, landscape gardens, golf courses and in parks and private gardens.

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