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LED Screen Manufacture

Porvair Filtration Group GasPro™ filters provide high efficiency removal of sub-micron particles when handling the process gases used in the manufacture of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for lighting, display and electronic applications. Thin film, substrate and device manufacturing processes require mechanically robust filters with superior corrosion resistance, elevated temperature resistance, lower pressure drop and higher dirt loading capacity to increase the overall process efficiency and LED brightness.

The filters are extensively cleaned and dried to low parts per billion (ppb) levels to minimize any potential interactions with the process gases.

GasPro™ filters are available in PTFE membrane, 316L Sinterflo® stainless steel, nickel and Hastelloy® C22 Sinterflo® P powder metal to offer superior corrosion resistant materials for handling reactive process gases such as ammonia, CH4, CF4 hydrogen, N2O, NF3, oxygen and silane and inert gases such as argon, helium and nitrogen.

 Features and benefits

  • High flow filters - for superior particle removal when delivering bulk gases, on-site generated gases, specialty gases and process gases
  • Gas cabinet protection - filters extend service life of mass flow controllers, regulators and valves
  • Process equipment protection - protection of process equipment such as vacuum pumps when growing crystals, in EPI reactors and in other metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) process gas handling equipment
  • Particle removal - removal of toxic and abrasive particles from exhaust gases
  • Last chance particle removal - POU filters for last chance removal of particles
  • Cost effective solutions - filters are available with less stringent wetted hardware surface specifications for additional cost savings depending on the application and the service environment.

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