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Fuel Cells

A notable means for the generation of electricity is the use of the fuel cell as this produces electrical energy from the chemical energy of hydrogen (in this instance) with the only emissions being water and heat. These electrochemical cells convert via the use of catalysts and a proton exchange membrane (PEM) the chemical energy of the hydrogen with the oxidising effect of oxygen to produce electricity.

The sensitivity of catalyst coated membranes, gas diffusion and microporous layers to contaminants is well known as the mechanics of this process are very evident in many other processes. Catalysts can be poisoned or deactivated by the presence of contaminants and porous layers can be fouled or suffer irrecoverable damage when faced with various contaminants.

Custom engineered solutions for these processes include:

  • MicrofilTM
  • FluorofilTM
  • Liquid / Gas Coalescer
  • Sinterflo® P,  Sinterflo®F
  • Liquid / Liquid Coalescer
  • PolyfilTM Pre-filters

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