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Glovebox Penetration Systems

Gloveboxes are widely used across the Nuclear industry to keep hazardous processes and materials out of contact with operators and the public at large. They are often maintained at a slight, internal negative pressure, requiring fans to create vacuum, venting to the outside world.

Porvair Filtration Group offers high strength, robust equipment to ensure that such penetrations are protected from leakage of the contents of the glovebox. We can also custom design optimised solutions for other process penetrations leading in or out of gloveboxes for both gas and liquid feeds. 

In addition, the enclosed space inside a glovebox often needs ‘housekeeping' to prevent the build-up of contaminating or obscuring solids. Porvair Filtration Group are able to offer specially designed vacuum cleaners, which work inside the glovebox, to recirculate the internal atmosphere, securely and reliably collecting errant solids. We can also provide Pulsed Jet self-cleaning vacuum cleaners which not only keep the glovebox interior clean, but deliver the collected solids back to the user for disposal in the event that high levels of solids need to be removed from the working space.

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