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Our History

Porvair Filtration Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc, is a specialist filtration and environmental technology group involved in developing, designing and manufacturing filtration and separation solutions to industry sectors such as the aviation, molten metal, energy, water treatment and life sciences markets. Porvair plc is a publically owned company with four principal subsidiaries: Porvair Filtration Group Ltd., Porvair Sciences Ltd., Selee Corporation and Seal Analytical Ltd.

Porvair Filtration Group has grown organically and through acquisition and incorporation of a number of specialist filtration and engineering companies. Each of these companies brought specific capability and technology to broaden our offering to customers or improve our value proposition. A number of these acquisitions have grown up to form our UK operating divisions located in Segensworth, New Milton and our Porvair Filtration Group Inc. operations in Virginia, Boise and Maine in the USA.

Company History

Segensworth Division

Microfiltrex was formed in 1974 and provided precision filtration technology to the Aerospace and Defence, Industrial, Process, Nuclear, Polymer and Powder Handling industries. Microfiltrex was acquired in 1982 by the Fairey Group, a company founded in 1915 as the Fairey Aviation Co. Ltd., and in 1992 Fairey Microfiltrex relocated to bases in the UK and the USA. The business was purchased by Porvair plc in 2001. Today the Microfiltrex division, renamed Segensworth Division, provides high quality design and manufacture to the stringent demands of the Aerospace and Nuclear industries. The division is based at our new facility in the south of England alongside Porvair Filtration Group head office.

New Milton Division

Filters for Industry Ltd. (or 2Fi as it came to be known) was established in 1989, specialising in the design and manufacture of high technology filters for customers in the printing, mining, petrochemical, polymer and general process industries. It was purchased by Porvair plc in 2001 and has become the manufacturing hub for general industrial filtration within Porvair Filtration Group.

Filtration and Transfer

MF&T, originally registered as Filtration and Transfer, was founded in 1963 and it focussed on supplying filters to the natural gas, offshore and process industries. The business specialised in filtration systems and heat exchangers and it was procured by Meggitt in 1983 as part of their energy division. MF&T (Meggitt Filtration and Transfer) operated as part of Meggitt for ten years prior to its acquisition by Filters for Industry in 1993.

Ashland Division

2007 saw the procurement of Omnifilter and Manufacturing Inc. in Virginia, USA. The business brings manufacturing capability and proprietary technology in multi-layered sintered mesh materials. Renamed Porvair Filtration Group Inc. in 2008, it serves as a local hub for all US business to Porvair Filtration Group.

Caribou Division

In 2013, Porvair Filtration Group acquired Chand Eisenmann Metallurgical (CEM), located in Caribou, Maine USA. CEM, now our Caribou Division, was founded in 1983, focusing on the manufacture of custom engineered porous sintered metal components and assemblies for use in a wide range of applications including; Filters and Sensor Protectors for Analytical  and Process Instruments, Media Retention for Gas Drying and Purification, Frits for Chromatography, Flame Arrestors for Combustible Gas Monitoring and Flow Restrictors for Gas Flow Control devices.

Boise Division

In 2015, Porvair Filtration Group acquired a North American company TEM Filters Inc., based in Idaho. TEM, now our Boise Division, design and manufacture a range of filters for the microelectronics industry. TEM Filters brought a new product range that complimented our flow restrictors and sintered metal powder filters in development by our Caribou Division. Together, we offer an extensive product range to this exciting and rapidly growing market.

Wuhan Division

In 2016, Porvair Filtration Group launched its operational site in Xiaogan, near Wuhan in China. This was established to strengthen our business in Asia and to directly service local needs in the region within industries such as energy, water treatment, chemical and industrial processing, printing and polymer.

Mumbai Division

In 2017, Porvair Filtration Group established an operational base in Mumbai, India. This was to market Porvair's extensive range of products within India.

Keystone Filter

In 2018, Porvair Filtration Group acquired Keystone Filter, a designer and manufacturer of filter cartridges and housings for the food and beverage, drinking water and chemical process markets.

Royal Dahlman

In 2019, Porvair acquired Royal Dahlman, to increase our portfolio, offering broad range of custom designed filtration solutions and assemblies to the the oil and gas industry.


In 2023, Porvair acquired Belgian filtration business European Filter Corporation (EFC). EFC has particular expertise in the manufacture of mist elimination filters used in the production of industrial chemicals and experience of a wide range of industrial filtration markets in Europe.


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