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High quality fuel is required by aircraft fuel systems, injectors and pumps for optimum combustion and lower emissions. An aircraft's fuel system allows the crew to supply fuel to the propulsion system and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) of an aircraft.

Applications include:

  • Fuel tank strainers
  • Flow wash filters
  • Fuel tank inerting
  • Main system fuel filters
  • Fuel nozzle filters
  • Last chance filters
  • Differential pressure indicators.

The elimination of flammable fuel vapours in helicopter fuel tanks, commercial and military aircraft is a major priority in both the US and Europe. Lightweight, on-board aircraft fuel tank inerting systems address this issue and can be easily fitted within existing aircraft designs. The system delivers nitrogen-enriched air to the aircraft fuel tanks thereby reducing the risk of fuel tank flammability. 

Porvair Filtration Group has developed a range of filtration systems that ensures the source of engine bleed air is free from both particulate and liquid contamination protecting the sensitive air separation modules and ensuring long service life testing. 

In partnership with Parker Aerospace`s Fuel Systems Division, we have developed a multi-function filter/separator for use on the fuel tank inerting system, to provide effective protection from particulates and aerosols but also to remove harmful ozone.


Porvair Filtration Group also manufacture a range of strainers and last chance filters, fabricated from sintered woven wire mesh media where absolute filtration is critical. They are typically constructed using stainless steel mesh with fusion and resistance welding to ensure a robust design.

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