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High Purity Chemical Filters

Our LiquiPro™ range of filters and filter housings are designed specifically for the following applications:

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) is a critical microelectonics process step in STI, Copper, Oxide or Tungsten. These advanced CMP processes require filters that meet the stringent demands of scratch reduction improvement as well as efficient removal rate. The CMP filters are designed mainly with advanced Polypropylene media with Polypropylene support, core, cage, endcap for cartridges or disposable capsule.
The filters are compatible with chemical slurries ranging from aluminas, colloidal and ceria types. These are applicable at Point-Of-Use (POU) or Bulk Slurry Delivery System (BSDS). Our LiquiPro™ SL filters are suitable for  these applications.

POST CMP Clean – In post CMP cleaning process, Dilute HF or Ammonia Solution are normally used in Applied Material Reflexion tool series. This is a cartridge filter with hydrophilic PES membrane. Our LiquiPro™ BU filters are designed for this specific purpose.

PVD – Copper Plating filters are specific to LAM’s advanced Cu SO4 plating tools for the Damascene and TSV processes. The Electro-Chemical Plating bath chemistries comes installed with a 10inch Cartridge ECP filter. Our LiquiPro™ CO series is designed for fine particle removal and brings about plating consistencies in the
Copper Sulphate plating solution. The Hydrophilic PTFE membrane worked well with a broad range of plating additives and eliminate plating causing defects. The tool also has a Single Anode Chamber (SAC) which has a 5 inch disposable filter installed. Our LiquiPro™ SL filters are suitable for this purpose.

Wet Etch Clean (WEC) filters are predominant in many front or back end chemical processes of cleaning or etching or stripping. A wide range of acids, bases and solvents are used in ambient or elevated temperatures require different adoptions of the filters in filter media and hardware. Besides that, in critical semiconductor
processes, the demand for Ultra High Purity and Low metal extractable is a must for all filters. We recommend the all-fluoropolymer filtration cartridge products for many of these applications. The family of LiquiPro™ F2, F3 and SH filters come with Hydrophobic PTFE membrane and PFA core, cage, endcap hardware that will meet all requirements. In etching or stripping processes where less aggressive chemicals are used, the Fluoropolymer membrane with Polypropylene hardware would be applicable. Our LiquiPro F2™ series would be well suited for this application. Similarly in CDA (Compressed Dry Air) filtration found in many tools, the adoption of mainly cartridge filters with the PTFE membrane and PP hardware construction. The LiquiPro™ FG series of filters are designed for this purpose.

Photolitho - In Lithography process, high viscosity photoresist together with developer and stripping process employ a variety of membrane materials to eliminate contaminants in the bath chemistries. In developer process, chemicals such as TMAH or KOH and DI water used Hydrophilic PES membrane in disposable type filter formats. The LiquiPro™ MI series of capsule filters are made of PES membrane with HDPE support are suited for both developer and DI water filtration.

Advanced photoresist system consists of typically of solvent, photo acid generator (PAG), acid quenchers, additives and surfactants. Both the LiquiPro™ MI (PTFE) and PN (Nylon) series have excellent filtration performance to remove the gels present in most photoresist chemicals.

Chemical delivery system – In bulk chemical delivery systems, a diverse range of cartridge filters are normally employed for slurries, acids, bases and solvents. Typically, filter cartridges from 10”, 20” and 30” are installed with PP, PFA and stainless steel housings.
Water cleaning – This is made in reference to systems that use Direct or Recirculation DI Water for cleaning and rinsing. The LiquiPro™ DI cartridge filter is constructed of pleated PES membrane and PP hardware. For disposable type, the LiquiPro™ MI PP series are available.

General filtration – We have a range of PP filters whether it is melt blown or pleated type cartridge made available for general filtration, including LiquiPro™ PA with pleated media.

Filtration housing – We offer a selected range of cartridge housings for aggressive chemicals at elevated temperatures, solvents, weak acids, bases, slurries and water.

LiquiPro™ EZ PFA Housing

Patented PFA housing made from the highest purity PFA, features include space saving design, and compatibility with alternative PFA housings.

YS Stainless Steel Housing

Electropolished Stainless Steel housing made for 70mm and 80mm cartridge type filters for solvent use.

YP Housing

Single cartridge housing suitable in many general applications. Fits 70mm and 80mm cartridge filters. For 130mm diameter filters, uPVC housing is also available.

For detailed information and ordering, please refer to respective datasheet. 

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