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In-Line and Last Chance Filters

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Metal Filter Discs

Porvair offers a comprehensive range of filters for complete system protection. 

Mesh Filter Discs

Available in both pleated and flat versions, to suit specific application requirements. The metal mesh filter discs are designed and manufactured to provide filtration protection in liquid and gas flow systems. These cost-effective mesh filter discs provide a significant increase in filtration area for a similar installation.

Fibre Filter Discs

A comprehensive range of fibre disc filters for complete system protection in both gaseous and liquid applications. Supplied in either flat or pleated versions to suit requirements. Inexpensive flat discs are suited to applications where space may be a premium, or where limited contaminant is expected. For systems where a larger filtration area or lower pressure drop is required but still within a limited footprint, we offer a pleated disc. Both designs are available with or without a sealing rim and in a comprehensive range of filtration ratings to suit a variety of operating conditions.

Powder Filter Discs

A wide range of metal powder filter discs, available in diameters from 0.5mm (0.02") to over 203mm (8") with a wide range of thicknesses. Powder metallurgy techniques are used to produce porous discs with interconnected porosity and densities ranging from 35% to 75%. Porous sintered metal discs are available in 15 different standard micron grades with pore sizes ranging from a 0.003 to 200 micrometers. 

In Line and Last Chance Filters Porvair
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In Line and Last Chance Filters Porvair

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