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Venting and Flame Arresting

The porous materials we manufacture offer excellent properties for venting. Allowing closed environments to breathe is extremely important in applications such as in lead acid batteries. The controlled pore size, strength and inertness of our materials are key properties.

Our metal products in either sintered powder or mesh materials are ideal for both venting and as flame arrestors. Our flame arrestor products are regulatory controlled and are used in applications such as loudspeakers used in chemical environments and in chemical gas lines.


  • Cut shapes, mouldings, moulded discs or plugs
  • Moulded discs or plugs sintered directly into stainless steel sensor housings
  • Moulded cylinders with or without housings, end caps or threads
  • Complex shapes containing both threads and end caps.


  • Flame arresting
  • Sensor protection
  • Battery vents
  • Medical gas filters
  • Catheter vents
  • Syringe vents
  • Urine bag vents
  • Packaging bottle vents.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent flame-arresting properties due to tortuous path within the sintered porous materials
  • For sound systems such as loudspeakers, the stainless steel mesh has excellent flame-arresting properties, but with reduced sound attenuation
  • Optimum flow of gases - the controlled pore size and uniform density ensure an even flow of gas to the sensor device and controlled gas flow from a lead acid battery
  • Robust and easy to assemble
  • Our products undergo SPC inspection and conform to all the leading test authorities such as EECS, UL, FM, CAS and BASEEFA.

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Related Events

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