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Where are filters used within the Transportation and Automotive sector?

Filters and porous media and materials are used throughout the transportation and automotive sector, including:

  • Cars
  • Motorsport and high performance vehicles
  • Rail
  • Trucks and commercial vehicles.

Many systems within the transportation and automotive sector require filters, screens and vents to provide critical point-of-use protection for contamination sensitive components. These are designed to remove and retain contamination such as machining chips, burrs, wear debris and fluid breakdown.  Products induced during operation or built in downstream of the operating unit.

Last chance filters and screen are designed to act as a final barrier. To provide maximum protection these filters should be located as close to the device they are protecting as possible and the design of each filter should ideally be tailored specifically to the system's operating and environmental conditions.

Last chance filters are commonly used within the hydraulic, fuel control, lubrication, ink and pneumatic industries.

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