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GasPro™ Flow Restrictors

Porvair GasPro™ Flow Restrictors are designed with hundreds of small, interconnected pore passageways which offer significant benefits when compared to single bore restrictive flow orifices. Flow limiting devices are often installed in compressed gas supply lines and gas distribution manifolds to prevent unintentional high gas flow caused by a ruptured gas line, malfunctioning valve or pressure regulator.

Typical applications

  • Gas distribution panels - Porvair GasPro™ Flow Restrictors protect components and offer a possible replacement for needle valves and MFCs in constant pressure and flow applications
  • Exhaust venting systems - Flow restrictors can reduce exhaust system requirements and offer significant cost reduction
  • Flow splitting, flow balancing, dilution and mixing - Flow restrictors can be custom made for each gas supply line
  • Controlled venting flow rate during vacuum chamber venting or purging
  • Pressure snubbers - For the prevention of pressure surges and pressure shock
  • Flame arrestors - Flow restrictors can also be designed to create a barrier to quench a flame and prevent the flame from igniting a combustible gas.

Features and benefits

  • Improved gas safety - Porvair GasPro™ Flow Restrictors limit the maximum flow when handling hazardous gases
  • Tamper proof flow control - Flow restrictors are individually calibrated for accurate, repeatable flow with a set pressure. They provide a fixed flow without moving parts or adjustments
  • Provide laminar flow to reduce turbulence in gas lines and for low velocity gas delivery applications
  • Corrosion resistant - Corrosion resistant porous and hardware fitting materials 316L stainless steel and Hastelloy® C22
  • Precision welded in a specially designed glove box - Precision welding of surface mount and flat gasket flow restrictors in a controlled atmosphere glove box system to eliminate oxidation colour
  • 100% Helium leak tested for safety and to insure seal integrity
  • Ultrasonically cleaned in reagent grade IPOH and deionized water flushed for maximum cleanliness
  • High pressure N2 pulse flush with 0.003m filtered and purified nitrogen to remove particles and prevent shedding
  • Vacuum dried to less than 1ppm moisture content as needed
  • Laser marked with flow details for easy identification
  • Individually packaged in chemically clean, Class 100 nylon inner bag and polypropylene outer bag.
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