World Class Filtration Solutions

In-Line Gas Filters

PTFE-316L In-Line Filters –  TEM-100, TEM-200, TEM-300, TEM-400, TEM-500, TEM-800

All-Fluoropolymer-316L In-Line Filters  - TEM-900, TEM-1100, TEM-1200, TEM-1300, TEM-1400, TEM-1500, TEM-1800, TEM-1900

All-316L In-Line Filters – TEM-1700, TEM-1760 (to follow), TEM-1780, TEM-1790

Nickel-316L In-Line Filters  - TEM-3700

In-Line Filters for Photovoltaic Manufacturing – PV1-1100, PV1-1200, PV1-1400 - to follow

High-Temperature Glass Fiber-316L In-Line Filters – TEM-700

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