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Custom Engineered Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

World Class Filtration Solutions

Filter Kits

Porvair Filtration Group are able to integrate filtration accessories into their valve body or manifold. We can manufacture filter kits, made up of parts which may include:

Filter elements and bowls

Porvair Filtration Group supply a range of sintered metal mesh, sintered metal fibre, glass fibre, polymeric or resin-impregnated cellulose pleated elements.

Differential pressure indicators

Our indicators are designed and manufactured using proven robust design techniques to ensure resistance against the most severe of pressure and vibration environments.

Valves (anti-drain, by-pass, etc)

Porvair Filtration Group manufacture a range of valves that can be incorporated into filter assemblies and manifolds including anti drain valves that prevent the loss of system fluid during filter element change.

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