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Sanitary Capsule Filters

We manufacture a range of capsule filters in sizes suitable for small to medium applications.

These filters exhibit a range of different properties and are used within many industries including pharmaceutical, water and chemical processes.

Microcap™ PES

The Microcap™ PES capsules are hydrophilic, double-layered polyethersulfone membrane filters and are used for sterile filtration in the most critical pharmaceutical applications, such as: sterilising filtration of USP Water for Injection (WFI), diagnostic solutions, vaccines, ophthalmics, SVPs, LVPs and biological products.

Microcap™ PPP

The Microcap™ PPP capsules are made with polypropylene microfibre media, and designed with the optimal filtration area, these filters remove large amounts of particulate and other contaminants. They are used for the pre-filtration of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, water, buffers, solvents, alcohols and other liquids.

Microcap™ GPP

Microcap™ GPP capsules are made with polypropylene microfibre media and designed with the maximum filtration area, these filters can remove large amounts of particulate and other contaminants over a long filter life. They are used for the removal of particulate contaminants from water, inks, dyes and speciality chemicals.

Microcap™ PFE

Microcap™ PFE capsules are manufactured for the critical needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Made with highly hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane, these capsules are used for the filtration of non-aqueous liquids, aggressive solvents, compressed gases and as vent filters

Microcap™ PNY

Microcap™ PNY capsules are designed to be used for sterilising grade filtration. The high quality nylon membrane is optimised for retention.Nylon capsules see broad service in sterile fill applications in SVPs and as bioburden management filters in LVPs.

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