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Polymer Melt

The polymer melt process requires numerous application and filtration stages in order to create the final plastic product from its raw material. In order to achieve high quality fibre, with fewer breaks and high yield characteristics, the polymer melt must be of consistent formation, gel free and without oversize concentrations.

Porvair Filtration Group is active in areas concerning the production of PET and PP fibres, PET bottle polymer, BOPET and BOPP thin packaging films, engineering thermoplastics and X-ray film.

By using the latest in metallic filter media technology we are able to provide improved performance and reduced plant operating costs. Through the use and development of metallic filter media, we have promoted longer on-stream life supported by easy-to-clean designs.

We are able to supply metallic and polymeric filter media in both pleated and cylindrical element forms as well as capsule and leaf disc filters. These can be supplied with a variety of hardware to suit any housing/vessel configuration.

Sinterflo Filter Elements Porvair
Nuclear Elements Porvair
Cartridge Filters Porvair

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