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Bulk Ink Filtration

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Porvair is the manufacturer of the products formerly branded Inprinta. 

The general process of inkjet manufacture will start with manufacture of a ‘concentrate'. This mixture is produced from the colourants, dispersants and a carrier. This concentrate can then be used to produce multiple batches of a finished inkjet ink.

Once completed the concentrate is mixed with other raw materials (more carrier fluid, surfactants, and stabilising chemistries). Once fully mixed this becomes the final, pre-filtered, bulk ink. This can then be filtered and stored by container – whether it be a 200 litre bulk drum or a 7ml SoHo cartridge.

The final filtration process is often in series. Where a 10µm, 5µm and 1µm work together to produce a perfect finished ink whilst allowing manufacture to continue for the longest time before a filter change is required.

E-coats, primers, top coats, metallic and pearlite paints can all benefit from controlled filtration using our polypropylene filter cartridges.

Porvair Filtration Group supply Klearfil™ and Tekfil™ as a complete range of 10" filter cartridges for the manufacture of bulk inkjet fluid. These meltblown polypropylene cartridges are based on a robust all polypropylene construction, offering removal ratings from 0.5μmto 75μm.

Suitable for the filtration of aqueous and organic liquids, KlearfilTM and Tekfil™ cartridges can be used as prefilters, series filters or final filters in the manufacture of bulk inkjet fluid.

Polyfil™ filters have precise cut-off removal ratings allowing metallic and pearlite particles to pass through whilst removing unwanted agglomerates.  Klearfil™ will remove gels from E-coats and primers. 

Our high contaminant capacity disposable cartridge filters help to achieve lower running costs and a smaller process footprint. All filters have excellent chemical compatibility characteristics and have no surfactants or bonding agents, to minimise extractables and are manufactured in an ISO cleanroom.

A full range of stainless steel industrial and sanitary housings are available from 10 bar to 20 bar, with both single and multi-element housings to suit every application. The housings have in-line BSP port connections for ease of installation. Tri-clover and weld connections are available.

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