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World Class Filtration Solutions

Decommissioning and Decontamination

Porvair Filtration Group is active in every aspect of nuclear decommissioning and decontamination.

As processes are developed to deal with legacy wastes, and legislation is introduced to define storage conditions, we are developing novel solutions to meet increasingly complex filtration problems associated with decommissioning and decontamination facilities around the world.

Our engineered solutions include:

  • the clean-up of liquid wastes
  • the decomposition, reduction and reformation of organic and other wastes
  • the drying and storage of spent fuel
  • the venting of waste tanks and storage
  • effluent treatment packages
  • UK and US (ASME AG-1 compliant) radial flow and metal HEPA systems
  • dewatering of legacy liquid wastes
  • a full range of industry standard disposable filters for power generation and decommissioning applications.

Our capabilities also extend to:

  • the collection of mechanically generated demolition debris
  • spent fuel transport cask washing
  • high temperature and chemical attack resistant HEPA and THE filters.

Fluidised Bed Diffusers

In several areas of the nuclear fuel cycle and waste treatment processes, fluidising beds are used to encourage accelerated chemical conversions. 

Porvair has both the materials and the expertise to supply specially designed new build diffusers or to supply retrofit diffusers into existing plants.



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