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Ceramic Printing

You have been diverted to the Porvair Filtration Group website from as this site is no longer active.

Porvair is the manufacturer of the products formerly branded Inprinta. 

With the huge increase in the popularity of inkjet-printed ceramic tiles, a range of specialist printers have been developed, aimed at facilitating the process, avoiding the high set-up costs and reduce the product breakage. The non-contact nature of digital inkjet ceramic printing increases productivity by reducing fractures, therefore keeping waste costs minimal. Flexibility and simplicity of set up enables economic benefits from low run production, opening entire new markets to the ceramics industry.

Our printing division manufactures filters used within the ceramics industry; these are located within the ink lines and the print heads of printers used for ceramic tile decoration.

Whilst encouraging print uniformity, our filters permit maximum production uptime low pressure drop and high particle retention.

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