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Filtration Solutions

Porous materials for HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography)

Porvair manufacture sintered metal powder frits and cups used within the HPLC & UPHLC equipment.

These include column frits and solvent filters in materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, Hastelloy C276 and Hastelloy C22 and are available in a variety of pore sizes.

Column Support Frits 


  • Retain packing material at both ends of the liquid chromatography column.
  • Provide uniform flow of sample into column.

Features and Benefits

  • Precisely fit customer’s dimensional requirements
  • Withstand high-pressure applications.
  • Passivation offered for corrosion resistance.
  • With or without chamfer
  • Inert (Titanium frits for bio columns)
  • Can be supplied as a disc or press-fit into ring (often PEEK)

Solvent filters

Inlet solvent filter (sinker), inline solvent filter, pre-column filter and guard column filter

Inlet solvent filter


  • Protect HPLC pump inlet check valves from particulate.
  • Function as a sinker to hold the pump inlet tubing to bottom of solvent supply.
  • Removes the need for a pre-filter.

Inline solvent filter


  • Protects the sample injection valve from naturally occurring seal wear.
  • Prevents downstream damage to components. 

Pre-column filter and Guard column filter


  • Traps particulate during mobile phase.
  • Prevents pressure build-up within the column.
  • Extended life of Column
  • Guard columns have the additional benefit of using the same packing materials as the column to collect materials that would otherwise collect within the column. 

Solvent Filters Features & Benefits 

  • Uniform Porosity
  • Tortuous paths providing even flow.
  • Precise Manufacturing
  • Strict Process & Quality Control
  • Non-shedding
  • Consistent & Repeatable Flow Through the filter
  • Depth Filtration
  • Repeatable Control
  • Filter Integrity
  • Extended life of HPLC and UHPLC systems and components

What Porvair Can Offer

  • Strong History in providing high-quality HPLC filters.
  • Meet customer custom designs offering a high-quality solution.
  • Onsite Citric Passivation
  • Can be surface treated to improve inertness.
  • Lab Testing and material development available
  • Latest manufacturing technologies
  • Latest Inspection technologies
  • Conform to ISO9001
  • ISO 4003 Æ Determination of Bubble Point Pore Size in Porous Sintered Metal

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