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Oil and Gas

World Class Filtration Solutions

Oil and Gas

Providing a broad range of custom designed filtration solutions and assemblies to the the oil and gas industry, please contact Royal Dahlman for further information:

Based on an old family business founded in 1886, Dahlman has grown to be a recognized supplier of tailor-made solutions to the process industry all over the world.

  • Gas- and liquid filtration systems to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical markets
  • Catalyst filtration on Refineries and Olefins plants
  • Flue gas emission solutions.
  • Supplier of filter replacement parts and metal filter elements for a variety of industries.
  • Key supply services; Filtration supply chain optimization resulting in reduced stock, improved availability and total cost reduction.


Porvair Oil and Gas
Porvair Oil and Gas
Porvair Oil and Gas

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