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Sinterflo® MC Fluidising Media

Sinterflo® MC Fluidising Media, multi-layered, diffusion bonded stainless steel mesh is available in 316L and other alloys. This precision fluidising media is available in both Lo Flow and Hi Flow rates, to meet your application requirements.

Usually available in stock, for immediate delivery, the media is supplied as flat-panels, up to a seamless size of 100cm x 150cm (40” x 60”), and in an unlimited size in butt-welded sheets.

Porvair Filtration Group provide complete fabrication services for this material, including custom sizes, shapes, mounting holes and welding to end fittings or rings. We can also fabricate into tubes or fluidisation cones for hopper bottoms.

For fluidising applications where a tightly controlled efficiency rating is required, Porvair Filtration Group can provide a precision fine filter mesh (down to 2 microns nominal) sintered to the fluidising media.

This is particularly useful in reducing particulate bypass, clogging and when fluidising gas is not flowing constantly. Sinterflo® MC fluidising media is particularly suited to demanding applications where high operating temperatures of up to 540ºC (1000ºF), increased chemical or high abrasion resistance is essential, such as silo discharge cones, fluidised reactors and fluidised dryers.

This material is easily custom engineered to meet required specifications of materials, strength, flow requirements, thickness, micron rating and environment.

Typical applications

  • Fluidising beds
  • Fluidised gravity conveyors
  • Fluidised hoppers
  • Gas spargers.

Features and benefits

  • High operating temperatures
  • Robust and self-supporting. Fabricated shapes usually do not require complex and expensive support structures or joining strips
  • Application and material versatility
  • Enhanced chemical resistance. Can be constructed from a wide range of materials including 304 and 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy®, Inconel® and Monel®
  • Cleanability. A wide range of cleaning methods can be used; as a result the media can be sterilized for use within the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Abrasion resistance. Non-shedding media, highly resistant to mechanical abrasion
  • Design and engineering versatility. Easily custom engineered to meet required specifications of materials, strength, flow requirements, thickness, micron rating and environment.
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