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Control systems for hydrogen-powered land, sea and aerospace transport technologies employ our filters in processes such as:

  • for purifying gas pre-hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen tank storages,
  • filters post storage to remove condensates and other particulate contaminant.

These are in addition to systems control filters employed for our aerospace solutions.

Our products provide effective filtration for automobiles, passenger transport, trucks, trains and aircraft equipment, vital to ensure that all systems are free from contaminants and to guarantee safety, long service life, reliability and cost-effective operation in the most demanding conditions.

The development and incorporation of fuel cells into different technologies will require the adoption of similar protection devices as the electrolysers with the need to protect sensitive components from particulate and moisture such as on the cooling circuit and in the fuel stack itself preventing degradation of the catalyst and membrane

Our filters/separators may also be used to vent motors and power electronic systems whilst also providing a level of protection from the ingress of particulate and droplets.

Our list of products includes:

  • Main System Pleated filter elements
  • Power electronics coolant and air management system manifolds and filters
  • In-line and last chance filters (controlled cleanliness standard)
  • Hydrophobic Breather Vents
  • Differential pressure/system operation indicators
  • Fuel tank inerting filters
  • Bypass and relief valves
  • Filter kits

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