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Hydrofil™ Plus Dual Nylon 6.6 Layer Membrane Cartridge Filters

The Porvair Filtration Group Hydrofil™ Plus microbial rated cartridge has been developed and manufactured for the filtration of liquids in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other critical applications. Hydrofil™ Plus utilises a naturally hydrophilic Nylon 6.6 membrane with a mirrored asymmetric pore structure. The cartridge's unique built in prefiltration membrane layer provides longer life and higher throughput. When combined with quality all-polypropylene components and high integrity manufacturing techniques, the Hydrofil™ Plus filter cartridge is ideally suited to the most demanding process conditions.

Porvair Hydrofil™ Plus cartridges are constructed in a clean room under tightly controlled conditions using advanced, highly specialised machinery. Quality and consistency of product is assured by the quality control and manufacturing procedures, which are in place throughout all stages of manufacture.  

Hydrofil™ Plus membrane cartridges are 100% integrity tested during manufacture by the forward flow diffusion test method.

Cartridge Filters Porvair
Cartridge Filters Porvair
Cartridge Filters Porvair

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