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World Class Filtration Solutions

Filtration and Separation

Porvair's wide ranges of porous sintered Sinterflo® metal and Vyon® plastic materials are used in a broad range of filter applications, whether for liquid or gas applications. These materials have delivered optimum filtration solutions in a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Life Science, Heavy Chemical and Pharmaceutical, for example.

Porvair is not only an OEM materials supplier of filter materials, but can also offer you the total solution of supplying fully fabricated filters and systems.

Air and gas filtration

Our range of porous media and OEM materials are suitable for many process and industrial applications, due to their inherent reliability.

Typical applications

  • Industrial gas filtration
  • Industrial and domestic vacuum cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaner motor protection.

Features and benefits

  • Robust and rigid
  • Well-defined filtration efficiencies, leading to highly efficient gas filtration
  • Custom designed
  • Can be manufactured over a large range of diameters and thicknesses
  • Produced over a large range of efficiencies for effective particle removal
  • Excellent dirt-holding capacity for long on-stream life
  • Vyon® materials are hydrophobic and can operate in wet gas streams
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Good surface filtration, leading to use in effective back-pulsing systems
  • Our materials cover a large temperature range
  • Our Sinterflo® metal materials can be used in high pressure and high temperature environments.

Chemical filtration

The chemical process industry presents many challenges to the plant operator due to the harsh operating environments and nature of the products being processed.

Filtration is critical for two primary reasons: protecting expensive equipment from damage, repair and costly downtime and secondly to ensure that high clarity products are produced in line with the customer's expectation.

Typical applications

  • Wide range of chemical filtration from organic to inorganic solutions
  • Low to high temperature and pressure applications
  • Examples include catalyst recovery in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, manufacture of nitric acid and fertiliser, nuclear applications and hot polymer filtration.

Features and benefits

  • Robust for use over a wide temperature and pressure range
  • Manufactures with precise filtration efficiencies for effective filtration
  • Custom-made to offer optimum filtration solutions
  • Porvair's Sinterflo® stainless steel metal powder isostatic manufactured tubes and cylinders have no seam weld, and thus offer consistent and uniform filtration with reduced corrosion points
  • Porvair can either supply materials or manufacture fabricated filters.

Aqueous filtration

The removal of contaminants from untreated water has become a leading issue, due to environmental concerns and the threat of future water shortage. An effective purification process is necessary to eliminate organic, chemical or other debris to meet stringent regulations for drinking water, as well as for the chemical, industrial, pharmaceutical and science markets.


  • Potable water filtration can be direct filters or holders for other materials such as activated carbon or ion-exchange resins.

Features and benefits

  • Robust and rigid
  • Can be manufactured over a large range of diameters and thicknesses.
  • Custom designed
  • Produced over a large range of efficiencies for effective particle removal
  • Made with regulatory approved materials for potable water applications
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, so can be used for a large range of organic chemicals, acids and alkalis. Can be used over a large pH range.

Steam Filtration

Sterilisation, particulate entrainment and purification using filtered steam are used throughout the production process. Our metallic media is an ideal material for these.


Steam filtration for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

Features and benefits

Tubes or cylinders manufactured using an isostatic process, which means no seam weld, uniform filtration and reduction in corrosion sites.

  • Made to industry-standard filtration efficiencies
  • Robust
  • Easily cleanable.

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