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Catalyst Recovery

Catalysts are used in petroleum refining and organic chemical manufacturing to convert organic chemicals into more useable substances; this most often requires the use of metals to kick-start the chemical reaction and is carried out under various extreme operating conditions including elevated pressures and temperatures.

Porvair Filtration Group offer a range of metallic filter media suitable for this application which offer the combined strengths of a high resistance to aggressive operating environments, long in-service life and ease of cleaning.

We also manufacture a range of proven filtration products used in the recovery and retention of catalyst fines, reducing harmful emissions of catalyst or the recovery of valuable materials for reprocessing and re-use.

We provide both large area filter cartridges and multi-element assemblies that are designed specifically for these process duties. We are able to supply metallic and polymeric filter media in both pleated and cylindrical element forms with a variety of end hardware to suit any housing or vessel configuration.

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