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Porvair Filtration Group supplies a range of filter media, membranes, and filter assemblies applicable for use in Green Hydrogen production technologies. These systems are adaptable to meet the purification needs of:

  • feedwater (whether sea water, ground water, surface water)
  • filtration for general process efficiency and membrane protection
  • filtration of the electrolyte (AEL & AEM types)
  • dehydration of produced hydrogen (and oxygen where appropriate).

The filtration assemblies can be designed to suit the high temperature conditions of the solid oxide electrolyser (SOE) and the need to protect the ceramic electrolyte and the proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser technologies. These include the protection of critical aspects of downstream BOP systems employed for post drying and deoxygenation of the H2.

Custom engineered solutions for these processes

Filtration of electrolyte:

  • Sinterflo® SMF (Hastelloy)

H2O separation from H2/ O2

  • FluorofilTM
  • PolyfilTM
  • Sinterguard® HPB

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