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Toiletries and Cosmetics

The filtration of toiletry and cosmetic ingredients is a readily understood process ranging from clarification of creams and ointments to sterile filtration of water used for product preparation.

Cosmetics typically require filtration for purposes of clarity, bacterial reduction and PoF (point of filling) security. During the process of blending of the raw materials and constituents, the protection from contaminants within the closed and external environments or transfer of products in the process is critical.

Preparations require a varied intensity of filtration depending on the level of clarity and sterility of the finished product. Products range from creams, water or solvent based lotions, eau-de-colognes, perfumes, mouth washes to shampoos. As these products are for application within the public domain, quality and compliances will be of paramount importance requiring validated and certificated filtration products.
All Porvair Filtration Group polymeric membrane filters, supplied to the toiletry and cosmetic industry, meet the following internationally recognised standards:

  • A minimum retention of  >107 cfu/cm2 Brevundimonas diminuta per HIMA methodology for sterile filtration
  • Manufactured from non-toxic materials, including o-rings
  • Non-fibre releasing media
  • Integrity testable by end-user
  • Traceable identification number
  • Manufactured in a clean room environment with a recognised quality system.

In addition, our membrane filters have been validated using an independent testing laboratory, covering the following critical tests:

  • Bacterial challenge tests
  • Materials of construction (FDA CFR numbers)
  • USP toxicity tests
  • MEM elution tests
  • Limulus tests
  • Physicochemical tests
  • Sterilisation by in-line steam
  • Sterilisation by hot water.
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