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Disposable Diffused Aeration Units

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Disposable Diffused Aeration Units

Porvair Filtration Group has a range of diffused aeration products for the treatment of both industrial and municipal effluent. Supported by a strong research and development team, the technical expertise and capability of Porvair Filtration Group ensures that we are at the forefront of clean water filter technology, enabling us to deliver cost effective, reliable clean water solutions tailored to our customers requirements.

Our diffused aeration products have been designed to optimise these functions and provide:

  • Easy fitting into new installations
  • Easy retrofitting into existing installations
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs.
Porvair Diffused Aeration
Porvair Diffused Aeration 1
Porvair Diffused Aeration 2

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