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Packaging and Coding (CIJ)

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Porvair is the manufacturer of the products formerly branded Inprinta. 

The printing of packaging and coding is critical to maintain high product standards and ensure that stringent regulations are adhered to, such as the printing of batch numbers and sell-by-dates.  High speed narrow web applications also enable inkjet to produce high resolution labelling for premium brands. 

Applications include:

  • Beverage industry: cans, caps, glass bottles, PET bottles and labels
  • Toileries industry: glass, cartons, tubes, plastic, flexible packs
  • Food industry: confectionary, dairy, bakery, fresh produce, eggs
  • Pharmaceutical industry: cartons.

Our printing division, manufactures filters for the printers used for printing packaging and coding. Our filters facilitate a reduction in process downtime by ensuring that the printer is particle free, delivering optimum performance. 

Coding and Marking has a wider spectrum of filter requirements than many other areas of inkjet and we have spent of 20 years working with OEMs to develop a full complement of filtration requirements. Alongside our standard main system filters and inline filters, gutter, solvent and recirculation filter assemblies have been designed to offer a full range of tailored solutions for any coding inkjet system. 

Our specialist inkjet products guarantee consistent, reliable system performance with maximised protection against contaminants.

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