World Class Filtration Solutions

World Class
Filtration Solutions

Compressed Air

We manufacture a range of products for the filtration of compressed air.

These filters exhibit a range of different properties and are used within many industrial processes for the removal of particulates from compressed gas and air streams.

Compfil™ DF

The Compfil™ DF filter, composed of a three dimensional borosilicate depth media, achieves a void volume of 95%, ensuring a high containment capacity at high flow rates and low differential pressure.

Compfil™ AC

Compfil™ AC absolute-rated activated carbon filters are designed for the removal of oil vapour and other hydrocarbons.


Compfil™ IA are high performance industrial air filters with nanotechnology that remove water and oil aerosols as well as particulates from compress air and gas.

Compfil PC

Sterile Depth Filter for Process Air and Gases

Compfil SF

Sintered Steel Sterile Filter for Gases, Liquids and Steam

Compfil SH

The Compfil™ SH stainless steel filter housings, which are available in 18 different sizes, are used for the purification of compressed air and other gases.

Compfil PF

The CompfilTM PF filter consists of a regenerable, pleated filter tube made of stainless steel. Due to its robust construction, the CompfilTM SF is designed for maximum differential pressures up to 10 bar. It can be used in a temperature range from -20-210°C without any problems.

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