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Power Generation

For more than 30 years Porvair Filtration Group has been at the forefront of critical filtration in the nuclear power generation industry. Originally chosen by the UK Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) to replace existing systems in the UK nuclear power network, our filters now protect vital nuclear systems and the environment from harmful particulate in the UK, USA and in Europe.

Porvair Filtration Group can offer a complete engineering service to optimise systems to meet any duty in nuclear filtration, as well as a comprehensive range of disposable products in a range of polymeric and membrane materials, and boded glass fibre and metallic membranes.

In the UK AGR and Magnox fleets, Porvair Filtration Group provides a range of metallic medium filter tubesheets and Pulse Jet vessels including:

  • By-pass blowdown systems
  • Irradiated fuel dismantling cell systems
  • High activity debris volt systems
  • Active service filters
  • Active effluent treatment systems
  • Stringer dismantling cell systems
  • Post dryer systems
  • Iodine absorption systems
  • Safety relief valve protection systems
  • In-process HEPA systems.

In addition to all the filtered systems in the UK AGR community of gas cooled reactors, we can offer products and systems to meet a multitude of filtration requirements, including:

  • Reactor coolant purification and demineralisation
  • Seal injection filters
  • Reactor cavity filters
  • Borated water filters
  • Primary drain filters
  • Alpha emitter filters
  • Steam generator blowdown filtration and demineralisation
  • Reactor pool filters
  • Pool skimmer filters
  • Chemical and floor drain filters
  • Liquid waste filters
  • Gaseous waste filters
  • Laundry filters
  • Recycle circuit filtration
  • Gas filters
  • Spent resin treatment filters
  • Discharge route filters
  • Drainage laterals and flow diffusers
  • Condensate filtration and demineralisation.

We are committed to serving the Nuclear power generation industry by designing, to specification, new build and retrofit filter elements and systems to meet the specific needs of power stations in the UK, Europe and the USA. Porvair Filtration Group have also recently supplied Chinas 4G (high temperature gas) reactor program. Combining technical excellence and the highest of quality, the company is equipped to meet the very special needs of the industry.

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