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Servo controls, orbit-insertion, station-keeping and attitude control

For orbit-insertion, station-keeping, or attitude control where critical filtration protection is required for flow control and restriction on stored gas energy sources, Porvair Filtration Group provides a range of filters and filter housings.

These assemblies featuring fine levels of filtration and high levels of build level cleanliness ensure reliable operation of the system.


We manufacture housing and filter elements to a superior cleanliness standard.These products protect the flow from the stored (gas) energy supplies to ensure that any contamination cannot cause degradation of other system components leading to leakage and reduction in satellite operating duration and or malfunction.

Features and benefits

Porvair components are designed to suit specific customer requirements, providing:

  • low mass
  • controlled filtration within a minimised installation envelope.
In Line and Last Chance Filters Porvair
Sinterflo Media Porvair
In Line and Last Chance Filters Porvair

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