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World Class Filtration Solutions

Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Trucks and commercial vehicles rely on a range of filters and filter media to ensure reliability and longevity in operation. Porvair Filtration Group's experience extends to the following applications:

  • Air intake filters for large diesel engines, as used in APUs,  generators, compressors, UPS systems and earth moving equipment
    Porvair manufacture a range of filters designed to meet demands where long service-life and optimal performance is vital. These filter products offer excellent particulate removal efficiency to ensure engines perform across all operating conditions, reducing emissions and driving down operating costs to a minimum.
  • Hydraulic actuators
    Porvair's high efficiency filters ensure the removal of contaminant which may affect actuators or valves ensuring trouble-free performance. Filters are available either separately or together with an appropriate housing, as may be required.
  • Solids conveying, hopper, tanker and silo discharge
    High-efficiency filtration products offer superior performance in high-flow and high dust-load environments. Over a wide range of pressure and temperatures, Porvair products ensure contaminant is removed from fluidising and delivery lines - for road to road, or road to rail transfer, and both product loading and un-loading applications.
  • Fluid transfer
    Porvair have a comprehensive range of products available, from single elements up to completed assemblies, suitable for the removal of potential contaminant which can build up over-time in storage vessels.  These products are available in a variety of media to cover a wide range of operating temperatures, pressures and filtration efficiencies.
  • On-vehicle mounted compressors
    Porvair Filtration Group manufacture high filtration efficiency products for the protection of reciprocating components ensuring optimum pump performance, and long life between service intervals.  Porvair products are suitable for arduous conditions as experienced in the transport of bulk product.
  • Starter motor vents
    High efficiency breathers are available in a variety of medias, with and without surface treatment, to ensure condensation does not form on electrical contacts in automotive starter motors.
    Typically used in extremes of temperature, or where access for service may be restricted. High level of filtration efficiency and small footprint ensures long component life and optimum performance with minimal cost outlay. These can be supplied loose or as part of semi-finished, or fully finished piece-part assemblies.

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