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Fluidisation and Powder Handling Units

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Sinterflo® P Metal Powder Aeration Units

For applications requiring localised fluidisation and aeration or for retrofitting into existing silos or hoppers, the Sinterflo® P aeration units can offer a simple readymade solution to powder handling problems.

Fluidisation is the introduction of a compressed gas, via porous media, into a bulk powder, to enable the powder to behave like a liquid for ease of movement. In general, the smaller the powder particle size, the more cohesive it becomes and the more difficult it is to move.

With Porvair's extensive range of fluidising media, we can tailor an optimal solution to solve most fluidisation challenges. Available in various sizes, Sinterflo® units introduce low pressure fluidising air into the material at or before its point of exit or movement.

Typical applications

  • Sinterflo® P sintered metal powder aeration pads can be used where tolerance of high operating temperatures of up to 600ºC (1,112ºF) and high corrosion resistance is required
  • Localised fluidisation
  • Silo construction
  • Gypsum and fly ash aeration or drying.

Features and benefits

  • High operating temperatures Up to 600ºC (1,112ºF)
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Easy installation Aeration pads complete with compressed air supply adapter with BSP thread
  • Multiple sizes available Ideal for retrofitting into existing hoppers or silos that have failed to perform effectively.
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