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Process and Utilities Water

Water is used throughout process and utilities plants within various applications such as: cooling systems, steam production, boiler feed water, cleaning and rinsing processes, heat exchangers and product make up. Industries include: food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, mining, agriculture, power generation, chemical, polymer, ink manufacturing and general industrial manufacturing. 

Process and utilities water is usually treated through a multitude of steps, including microfiltration, through the use of specialised polymeric filter cartridges.

Each industry has to balance the technical, environmental and economic requirements of the business whilst:

  • Controlling manufacturing costs and optimizing performance
  • Meeting health and safety requirements
  • Ensuring quality standards are met in an environment that is continually changing.

Porvair Filtration Group offers a range of cartridge filters that are used to optimize the quality of process and utilities water; from polymeric pleated and depth media and pleated membrane media, depending on the quality requirements from industries.

Our applications approach deals with identifying the critical points in the process and offering a cost effective solution whilst balancing the environmental challenges of the customer's process. 

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