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Hydraulic fluids play a critical role within the system for several reasons: they act as a lubricant, they create an energy transmission channel and they provide a means for heat transfer.

The vast majority of hydraulic system failures are due to contamination within the apparatus; the system will not perform to standard if any of the above functions are compromised. The costly effects of contamination within the system include: high maintenance costs, increased downtime and high replacement costs. 

The purpose of hydraulic filters is twofold, to keep the oil clean and also to reduce on-going maintenance costs.

Porvair Filtration Group's range of hydraulic products for the aerospace and defence industry protect vital sub-systems such as:

  • Primary and secondary flight controls
  • Braking and steering
  • Thrust reverser actuation.

We can supply manifolds, complete filter assemblies and kits including filter elements, filter bowls, differential pressure indicators and valves for integration into customer manifolds. 

Our high efficiency filters help prevent blockage and wear, increasing component life and reducing maintenance costs.

Our elements can be supplied down to 3 micron absolute and include our advanced Sinterflo® range of metal fibre elements for use where dynamic conditions of temperature, pressure and vibration are found. 

Porvair Filtration Group's range of differential pressure indicators (DPI's), which are suitable for hydraulic systems, provide indication of increasing differential pressure, filter blockage or by-pass by both visual and electrical signal.

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